Denis Colomb designs a collection of ultra luxurious hand woven cashmere fashion and home accessories and apparel, of impeccable quality and craftsmanship, which is quickly becoming recognized as a leading luxury lifestyle brand. Now in its 15th year, Denis Colomb’s product line has grown from a signature shawl and blanket collection to include womenswear and menswear collections. Each of the company’s products evokes a unique comfort, sense of exclusivity and quiet luxury.

The product line was inspired by Denis Colomb's love of travel and desire to create a beautiful and unique collection of shawls, scarves, travel blankets and throws for a modern and discerning global customer. The designer works with several small family owned workshops in Nepal to develop just the right color palette and range of weaves.

Denis Colomb was born in Aix en Provence, France , he graduated from the famed I.S.A.D.: Institute Superior Architecture and Design Denis Colomb lives in Los Angeles, and has a home in his native Provence. He travels frequently to Nepal to work on his collections.

Our Workshops & Materials

Our goal for the company has been to search out extraordinary craftsmen, and we have the opportunity to work with what are considered some of the best workshops in the world. These exclusive small family owned workshops offer a guarantee of the finest quality cashmere available.

To appreciate the preciousness of the product, one needs an understanding of how Nepalese and Mongolian cashmere is procured. A “down” is harvested by combing the hair of the rarest goats in April and May of each year, to obtain the finest cashmere fibers, which also guarantees maximum warmth. The fleece is then delivered to the workshops in the form of downy clouds where artisans weave and finish each piece by hand.

Working in close collaboration with these artisans we have developed a deep appreciation for their artistry and traditional techniques.

Each season a new color palate is selected and new patterns and weaves are developed. Always striving to Introduce both new and classic weaving techniques, materials and designs we are pleased to bring you luxurious blankets, shawls and garments which can be worn together or as individual pieces.

Our Katmandhu

We visit Nepal several times per year in order to create our collections. A small country nestled in the Himalaya’s half-way around the world between India and Tibet.

Our journey began here over 15 years ago, in search of the finest quality cashmere and the workshops capable of creating our designs. We are truly fortunate to have discovered this country and the city of Kathmandhu.

There is a deeply spiritual energy, whether Hindu or Buddhist throughout the city. Many important places of pilgrimage are dotted throughout the chaos of this densely populated town. One can dip into a temple and speak with an ancient sage , or visit along with the many Tibetan pilgrims the holy site of Bodhnath when time permits of course.

It is a combination of all these unique experiences that help infuse and nourish our work and perhaps bring an added level of depth to the kind of lifestyle collections we try to create.

Our Travels

We have been traveling to Kathmandu for the past 15 years. Each time we travel to this part of the world we always try to do other inspirational journeys to neighboring countries.

First as always, Kathmandu remains an ancient and highly spiritual city. There are countless historic and holy sites to visit, some of which are being restored by Unesco and the World Monument Fund. The high Himalayan peaks are within reach and are first seen from the flight into Kathmandu, and from various points in the city.

A trip to Vietnam, to explore the northern tribal regions around Sapa, and the beautifully serene Halong Bay and Luang Prabang, a journey to Varansasi, the holiest of cities in India, and to the mythical kingdom of Bhutan, have provided a vast treasure trove of magical moments, which we can recall, and which enrich our lives daily.

Denis Colomb and Erica Lennard