Kathmandu Travel Diary

Denis Colomb has been traveling twice a year to Kathmandu for the past 15 years, to work on our cashmere collections. Often when we mention the name, it conjures up a certain kind of reverie -- an idea of Shangri-la, a “Lost Horizons” type of place. Kathmandu (although today maddeningly chaotic), remains an ancient and highly spiritual city. There are countless historic and holy sites to visit, some of which are being restored by Unesco and the World Monument Fund. The high Himalayan peaks are within reach and are first seen from the flight into Kathmandu, and from various points in the city. Initially drawn here to Nepal by the quality of the hand-weaving techniques and the ability to procure the finest cashmere, we are constantly in awe of the deep spirituality and traditional lifestyle that have been part of the Nepali way of life for centuries.
It is a combination of all these unique experiences that help infuse and nourish our work and perhaps bring an added level of depth to the kind of lifestyle collections we try to create. Although this past year put a halt to these journeys, we look forward to the day we can return.