Places we love

Denis Colomb and his wife Erica Lennard have been traveling twice a year to Kathmandu for the past 15years which is the place they create their cashmere collections. Each time they traveled to this part of the world they would also try to do other inspirational journeys in neighboring countries. All this has for the last several months been put on hold, but we wanted to share with you some of our favorite moments. First as always, Kathmandu remains an ancient and highly spiritual city. There are countless historic and holy sites to visit, some of which are being restored by Unesco and the World Monument Fund. The high Himalayan peaks are within reach and are first seen from the flight into Kathmandu, and from various points in the city. A trip to Vietnam, to explore the northern tribal regions around Sapa, and the beautifully serene Halong Bay, a journey to Varansasi, the holiest of cities in India, and to the mythical kingdom of Bhutan, have provided a vast treasure trove of magical moments, which we can recall, and which enrich our lives daily.